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The Rutkowski Law Firm cares about your family

Probate Law in Bloomfield & Rochester, MI

At Rutkowski Law Firm we understand that the proceedings that take place in the Probate Court are personal and involve family matters. We provide the care and attention that every case deserves. We know that every family is unique and each family requires a tailored approach to the issues they are facing.

Here are many types of cases that take place in the Probate Court and Rutkowski Law Firm is here to help you with all of them. We know that each case might involve multiple types of relief requested. Understanding this, we make sure that every case addresses the totality of issues for each family.

At Rutkowski Law Firm, We Guide You Through The Probate Process

Personal Representation from Rutkowski Law FirmOur attorneys help in the probate process in a multitude of practice areas that include:

Personal Representatives

If a loved one dies without a trust, chances are you’re going to need a personal representative to get access to your loved one’s estate. A big misconception is that if someone dies with a will that declares who the personal representative is to be, then you do not need to go through the courts. However, even in the cases with a valid original will readily available, the court still has to approve the appointment of the personal representative. Here at Rutkowski Law Firm, we guide you through the process step by step.

Contested Hearings and Trials

Sometimes families can disagree on who should be in charge such as the personal representative, or even the guardian. Our office will help you navigate the hearing and trial process to make sure that your wishes are conveyed to the court. We will advocate for your position while keeping your best interests in mind.

Claims Period

Understanding the claims periodEvery estate that goes through the Probate process has a claims period. This period occurs when a notice is published in the proper county’s legal news that notifies all creditors of the decedent’s passing. In most cases for Michigan, this is a four month period. Our office will help you handle fielding the claims that might be against the estate. We also will make sure that all distributions to creditors are proper to limit the personal representatives liability on improper distributions.

Closing and Distributing Estates

Once the probate process is nearing the end, an estate can start to be closed and assets distributed. This is the point when the personal representative carries the most liability. It is a part of the personal representative’s responsibility to make sure that all creditors are paid, and paid according to the statutes that govern estates. Our office will help ensure all distributions are made exactly as they should be. We’ll be there to relieve you of some of the liability, because we’re always here to help with your best interests in mind.

Helping you through guardianship proceedings

Guardianship and Conservatorship Proceedings

When a loved one becomes medically incompetent, a guardian and a conservator are most often appointed. These situations are very delicate as family members can disagree and the potential ward might not think that they need help. While this court process is completed, Rutkowski Law Firm promises to make sure your loved ones are treated with the respect and care they deserve.

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