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Rutkowski Law Firm works to protect your family's future

Estate Planning in Bloomfield
& Rochester, MI

At Rutkowski Law Firm, we help families achieve financial goals. Using a “team” approach, our firm involves families and loved ones in the estate planning process to the extent desired by each particular client.

For more than 10 years we have provided clients across Michigan with estate plans they can rely on. Schedule a free consultation with one of our estate planning attorneys today for a full-service estate plan that you can trust.

Your Needs Come First At Rutkowski Law Firm

Skilled attorneys that put your needs first

Our skilled attorneys work with individuals and families in practice areas that include:


Properly planning for taxation during the estate planning process will save your family from future uncertainties. We can help you address federal estate and gift taxes, state estate and death taxes, and IRA inheritance planning. We guarantee peace of mind, knowing that you or a loved one will not be surprised come tax time.

Estate Plans

From a simple will, to a complicated living trust involving business planning, we are able to help you with your estate planning needs. We provide tailored estate plans that can include advanced directives, power of attorneys, designation of guardians, and deeds. However, we make sure that everything that is included in your specialized estate plan is absolutely necessary for your unique situation.

Probate and Trust Settlement

Whether you need help with probate or settling a trust, we’re here to navigate these complex situations. We pride ourselves on working closely with personal representatives, trustees, and executors of estates, whether these individuals are local or out of state. Please see our Probate practice area for more information on the probate process.

Business Planning and Succession

It is important to plan for business matters in your personal estate plan in order to ensure that your personal assets are protected. Just having Articles of Organization or Incorporation is not enough to make sure that when the unexpected happens, your business can carry on. We will help you anticipate and plan accordingly by making sure that your business interests are protected.
The Rutkowski Law Firm can help to protect your assets

Asset Protection

Utilizing trusts and special language in trusts, we help clients protect their assets from unfair collections in the event of a lawsuit. This type of planning can also protect beneficiaries and their inheritances in cases of divorce. We work closely with our clients to ensure that their assets are protected for any issue.

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