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Our team can handle everything related to elder law

Elder Law in Bloomfield & Rochester, MI

Elder Law, in and of itself, encompasses a wide variety of issues. From guardians and conservatorships, to long-term care and pre-planning, we want every client to feel comfort while approaching older age.

At Rutkowski Law Firm, we take a family approach to most Elder Law issues. We have found that when family members are all included in planning, there is less confusion and stress when a loved one needs care. However, we will also help pick up the pieces if no planning has been completed, and ensure that your loved one gets the care they deserve.

We Ensure Your Future is Planned

Our understanding attorneys practice Elder Law in these areas:

Medicaid Planning

In order to receive Medicaid benefits, a person must meet certain income and asset tests. Our office is well versed in the Medicaid application process and we help each individual plan for Medicaid in the future. We’ll discuss the requirements of the Medicaid process and work with you to develop a plan that will result in being eligible for Medicaid.

Assistance when a loved one becomes medically incompetent

Guardianship and Conservatorship Proceedings

When a loved one becomes medically incompetent, it might be time to have a guardian and a conservator appointed. These situations are very delicate as family members can disagree, and the potential ward might not think that they need help. We will help you make sure that your loved ones are treated with respect and get the care that they need while this sometimes difficult court process is completed.

Veterans Benefits

Every veteran deserves to be treated with respect and get the benefits they deserve. At Rutkowski Law Firm, we have VA Accredited attorneys who work with you to ensure you’re getting all of your veterans benefits. We will take time with you to find out exactly what benefits you are entitled to and help you obtain those benefits.

Plan for long term care with The Rutkowski Law Firm

Long-Term Care Planning

With long-term care costs rising every year, families struggle trying to plan for long-term care for loved ones in the moment. Our office works with you to formulate a plan. Together, we’ll make sure costs are covered if you should ever need them. There are many ways to plan for long-term care and we will develop a unique plan for your situation.

Special Needs Planning

When a loved one needs special care, or is on Social Security Disability, any amount of inheritance can jeopardize their benefits. At Rutkowski Law Firm, we strive to plan for these special needs, and make sure that any benefits received remain intact, even after an inheritance.

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