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Trust Administration in Bloomfield & Rochester, MI

Trust Administrative LawOur attorneys work with our clients to make sure that every trust administration is handled with care. Whether you need someone to be a Trustee for your trust, or you are a Trustee that wants or needs help from an attorney, we are here for you.

Every trust is different, and there’s much to do when it comes to trust administration. The terms of the trust generally control the administration, so be sure to read the entire document before doing anything.

Rutkowski Law Firm Helps You Understand The Finer Points Of A Trust

Our knowledgeable attorneys work with settlors, grantors, trustees, and beneficiaries in areas that include:

Trust Settlements

Even the best drafted trust can cause questions about the proper administration of the trust. Here at Rutkowski Law Firm, we advocate for settling issues within a trust. We help those in difficult positions come to an agreement while still maintaining the integrity of the trust and the settlor’s wishes.

Trust Litigation

Trust Litigation

Sometimes settlement discussions are just not enough to settle disputes about trusts and the settlor’s intent. Our attorneys work with you and guide you through the court process of litigating trust issues. Asking for court supervision of a trust can be a difficult process, and we work to make that process as painless as possible.

Beneficiary Distributions

One of the most crucial parts of trust administration is the distributions made to beneficiaries. If a trustee is not careful, there could be personal liability placed on them if distributions are not made properly. At Rutkowski Law Firm we can guide any trustee through the distribution phase of trust administration.

Serving As Trustee

It often takes a skilled hand to properly execute a trust according to its terms. Whether you need help and guidance as a trustee of a trust, or you need someone to be the trustee of your trust, our attorneys are here for you. With experience in every part of trust administration, we know that every trust is different and requires specialized attention and approach.

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