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Business Law in Bloomfield
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It’s important to understand the structure of your business at the time of creation, as that structure governs important decisions throughout the life of the business. Such decisions can implicate matters of taxation, liability, personal risk exposure, management, and dissolution. We advise clients on the best options for business formation and provide legal guidance in getting each client’s business up and running.

Our firm assists all types of businesses in maintaining the proper legal framework and protecting owners from unnecessary risks. From Operating Agreements, to specialized Employment Agreements, we are skilled at drafting any agreement or contract that will protect you and your business. We provide individualized advice depending on each business client’s needs.

Providing Competent Business Counsel

The Rutkowski Law Firm can help counsel you and your business needsOur skilled lawyers work with businesses in practice areas that include:


The business’s structure will determine what type of taxation the business will be subjected to. Some of the decisions that you also make along the way while operating your business can effect your taxation. Here at Rutkowski Law Firm, we advise you as to what the different types of taxation would mean for your business.

Business Planning

Starting your business off on the right track is the most important part of your business’s initial actions. We are skilled on starting many different types of businesses, and we can help you decide what type of business is right for you. Our attorneys will also provide valuable advice and insight into exactly what your business will need.

Business Dissolution

The Rutkowski Law Firm can help dissolve your business properlyMost times, the method of dissolution for a business is determined during the business’s formation. However, there are still many requirements and issues that come up during dissolution that impact you and your business. We will help you dissolve your business properly, while striving to end each business venture with a positive outcome.

Business Sale and Merger

Just as with a business dissolution, the method for a sale or merger is more often than not decided during the business’s formation. We will make sure that all rules and agreements are being followed at the out set. Rutkowski Law Firm provides the support and advice you need to set your organization up for success upon either of these events.

Protect your assets with proper guidance from The Rutkowski Law firm

Asset Protection

Running a business can lead to liabilities, not only to the business, but also to the owners. We provide comprehensive liability assessments to make sure that a business’s assets and our client’s assets are fully protected.

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